In The Bellows Grandad
In The Bellows Grandad


In The Bellows: Folk Puppetry

A hidden world can be found in the bellows, cries and song of our accordion.

Choose your tale, and let your eyes and ears be enthralled by forgotten stories and songs as old as the hills. With live music and beautifully-wrought puppetry, this is theatre for those who like stories, and storytelling for those who like theatre.


In The Bellows provide performances for small numbers at a time. Come as a family, with friends, with a lover or as a brave individual- there is a story for you, waiting to be sung...

Between the Books

"Hidden away amongst all of these books, there's a secret.

Do you want to know what it is? Every night, after we’ve all gone home, the Book Folk wake up. They run about and read and look after all of these lovely books. But something is happening to the library...the Book Folk need your help!"


Our actor-librarians reveal the world of the Book Folk, miniature puppets who live amongst the bookshelves...

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